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it had such effervescent. hobo the little green pineapple here. you will kind of priest
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through the day with this.body butter is just like it is luxurious a very product as well as your skin it allows your skin to appear younger and fresher which we all want. >>host: all lot of us think it will absorbed quickly it will be stuck on my skin or it will be greasy but it is not. it is it feels
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so good. >>guest:you and not even need to wear the eau de perfume when you are using the body butter. stay on the line we have you covered if you% there. i told you we are to have a phenomenal our was merely negligent tonight and we do.--it's phenomenal our gerwit marilyn miglin tonight.-- our with. this is a special price for this hour alone.two flexpay. when we hit this and a day of our today's at deal will be done if it is not sold out. also please get ready, this your signature cornerstone fragrance known throughout the world
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and it is called of the best selling sets of the entire year it is new today and we have 3 flexible payments. just the eau de parfum if you went to today would be $60. and guess it is only now love your body butter this one was meant for is her fragrance she just first airing tonight the only time we're airing it at a special price tonight as well. the bombshell luxury set. marilyn miglin
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has not changed one like but she truly is the lady of fragrance.she started a and i think the industry is very crowded with a lot of fragrances by sea has dedicated her life to not bringing us memorable also a beautiful line for women that really creates passion. >>guest:empowers women and suzanne that was one ultimate joy a fragrance that would make us feel good about ourselves and that is what i try to >>host: we have the roller ball collection and she does not do these very often at all. this is a set of for we all wait for it we all ask for it and now you have it. this roller ball in one stores would-be 20
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and $25 each. you get pheromone musk, destiny, 112 + pheromone and this great gift at only $29.95. this is a way for you to try all of the fragrances.- wonderful opportunity for you as well. here you have the pheromone musk and this was brought out about 25 years ago. men were falling on their when women were wearing musk fragrance and because it was such a hot 25 years ago we if we combined pheromone and we would get a wow but then as well you have your and 112. that is just a very sexy hollywood, just the way a fragrance should one that
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belongs on a pedestal. >>host:how would you describe destiny? >>guest: made of only white flowers very ethereal and very light and no top note it is made for a woman who sensuality with her spirituality. it is beautiful, light but it takes a mature purse, said it.-- personal. >>host:tell me about pheromone i can never hear it enough. >>guest: pheromone is a substance used to communicate a sexual attraction. i actually spent close to seven years pheromone i actually went to egypt and got perfume recipes from low walls the egyptian temples and duplicated it and that- interesting
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of 179 natural ingredients which combined create pheromone. a one-of-a-kind fragrance or with the many ingredients. >>host:we love to hear your stories when i get to do your show i get so excited for many years it reasons and one is just to hear the phone calls. sela some of the most memorable stories behind pheromone. >>guest: you can be in a delicatessen or a parking and someone will come up and say i am not trying to offend you or before word but what is that fragrance you are wearing? we have had a little babies' and she still evokes many compliments after all of these years and she is
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substantial girl she is rich the perfume is very and you will need to feel very confident and you will know how it ear a very expensive perfume because it sell for $600 to the oz.% >>host: 1 oz $600 and that is just pheromone by the way. then we onto the musk. you took what we love about pheromone and then at the mosque. >>guest:is a natural musk that comes from a plant and it becomes very little after said. --and then you have the is not as energetic the pheromone but it is haunting. i think that is a good word. >>host:pheromone his really alluring sull the musk would be haunting. >>host:alluring
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and haunting. --so the musk (...) >>host: then we have destiny. >>guest:your day with and then use pheromone over the and just enhance everything even more.destiny as light and it the real and no top note so you do not have to be concerned about being overwhelming destiny. all of these are in very good taste in you will enjoy them. >>host:where did you get the for 112 the address on oak sold out we've added today and each time each configuration sold now this is the only way you can 112. >>host: think about
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this if you are part of an office cooler you always have a holiday party or you want to give something really nice to the girls in office, this is beautiful b.s. from the first lady fine fragrant. you can be that it does not matter what her personality is, they will enjoy them. >>host: it is only $6 gift for pheromone, destiny and is a very expensive line marilyn miglin has created not only for her client tell and throughout years and years of study and the institute but for us will obviously not be able to find these kind of values even you confine pheromone elsewhere. 649 sets of have been sold.pleasing
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great teachers is so tough to buy for teachers. >>guest: and we have more ladies' now delivering mail the we do or anybody who does something nice for you. this is a nice way to we are thinking about you and this is a nice way to enjoy this. >>guest: suzanne, we should show them he roller ball works. this is nice because they cannot take this away from just unscrewed the top will roll it on and it is perfect for an evening touch up a round yurt year your pulse points. they are very (...)i like peace (...) you
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cannot always have one in day because a girl never knows when she needs an little bit of perfume. >>host: use perfume? >>guest: erotic our body. so they do it like cleopatra she used it on the bottom of feet, at the the waistline, the center bust line and the rim of the year or the jawbone but not behind the because that is where we have our own pheromone's because everybody has established here and debit but we are not actually supposed to.
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>>guest: distort the fragrance with your own personal pheromone scent. so that is why that is your own somebody you pick up a little bit of a cent of them so if we put our perfume alonge or the brim of the year than we are in good order. >>host:1 ideas think and many of you say this is a silly question to me is important.why do you think having a signature scent is important for everyone? >>guest:that is what really makes the relationship last that when we meet if we do not like that we will not continue
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a relationship. and we are because of our dna. >>host: i need to buy 20 of these. >>guest:by the way, you can mix the city become your own alchemist. >>host:people are saying i have to perfumes at home and they would never work together so why do all four yours work together? >>guest: art ingredients are all natural and i've made them synergistic so that they will all blend and they are long lasting. >>host:you get all four. a of times you see one of these at $29 and that is pretty impressive but you get a half fluid ounce of the musk destiny and 112 and i love a gift box. >>host: is all good to go.a walk on the wild side a leopard print in black and red.for
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those of us who are moms and you have to give to the teachers share a little something friends you can wrap it in a beautiful package with a- gone it and people i promise you will think you spend a fortune. because in the retail stores these average between 20 and $25 each. i just got lamus might about midnight and they cannot take them away from you so if you are a pheromone girl and you never take your large bottles on the plane will take them from you these transports easily. >>guest:these and good for everyday use as well. >>host:and toss them in your purse (...) >>guest:40 or gym bag (...) >>host:after a long day you may not feel pretty sexy,
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pop a little on me your girlfriends at the restaurateur little cocktail after work you have your pheromone on is very attractive to the opposite sex. >>guest: out question. >>host: we have heard some of funny stories. >>guest: fragrances all about sign--silent communication. we have heard on the air women who have met their those are awesome calls because the guy came up were unsaid pardon me i hate to bother you but what is that you weary and they started talking and they ended up getting married because pheromone so that speaks about the power of fragrance. >>guest:we also have some very charming man who say
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will you marry me, i love the way you smell. >>host:eone passes by and is wearing a fragrance where does my go immediately to my who has a signature fragrance so that memory is . >>guest:the fact that she thought enough of her friends and you to wear a nothing is quite as good as if we have a curfew on. >>host:$29.95 you think those are tiny fragrances this is a ounce full- sized roller ball lined and these are her most inperfume's in one
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set.eau de parfum is in one set. you get four of them in one set and overousand have now been already saw least this day only sold out in an instant. here is what is happening right here at your place to shop and of course at hsn and i want to assure youhappening. [music] >>host: this is your god to guide all things hsn. how would you like a chance to win a brand new toyota hybrid? we are very excited to be partnering with bring you this great opportunity all you have to is go to and type in the toyota.
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an exciting line of hybrid. you will receive an called that is good 700 additional tickets you can use those tickets for a chance to win a brand new car, and ipad and so much more. we are making winning before right now at [music] [commercial]
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[commercial] [music] >>host: [reading] [music] >>host:what is
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your destiny? it might to watch a just and tonight and get your collection of destiny.while about you give set and now we have our showstopper. you what you get in the kit i little heads up from the preview you girls are the smart as grows in the world you are not waiting but here is why.of beautiful destiny products but the price and the flex ends in less than 40 minutes.we have a special price this visit only, 2 flexible payments for this visit and then it all comes to a rapid close. what do you get in the we start within eau de parfum that in the stores by would be $50 alone just for that.the 8 oz body cream is fabulous, that 12 oz of
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the all over splash and 12 oz of bath and shower cream plus you get the most gift box, it is already to go in this beautiful box that is gorgeous. >>guest:never have enough gift boxes.and you have combined the both in this so tell us a little bit more about destiny.this is really an exquisite collection. >>guest: this is made from all white this is for woman who balances her with her sensuality. it is a very eat the real their grants with no top will be a little bit perplexed. light and heat the reaethereal we
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have jasmine calla lily, white rose osmium this narcissus, white orchid on the base notes we have sandalwood, chris irlene sweetness. --chriscrystaline sweetness. >>guest:this is a very light and there met anyone who does not like this it is nice on everyone. good for younger stepping into and good for a person convalescing. >>host:is lovely. something
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else i need to clarify. two things, we a this visit only price and we have made this hour only deal. i was corrected marilyn will be here tomorrow the fact is the price tomorrow but the two flex pays ends this hour.if you wait and decided to get this later we will still honor the price which is a nice savings off retell is pretty substantial but if you the 2 flexpay that is only available about the next 35 minutes. i want to make sure i clarify that. the eau de parfum is a $60 if you are shopping in the stores.$50 for just the edp. (...) ot
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>>host: will talk a little bit the bath and shower cream.human >>guest: use it as a liquid soap or you may put a and run it under your bath and it gives you a bubble bath or you may use it on new foe or washcloth and on one side of your is enough to take care of one side and then on the side your second initial and that is enough to take care of both sides.edie's creamy and you will luxuriate in it. >>host:a little earlier i was telling marilyn miglin that i grabbed this, the body cream and i've been airplanes
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and it's getting much cooler up north and is much drier than it is here and i got home and i was i felt like a very dry cactus i would shriveled and i said i want somethingd creamy but ook at this.this is destiny and this a yummie body cream so when i turn it that is body cream it does not trippet does not spill and i want you to see this. the >>guest:demotion is beautiful on this.we added that destiny perfume at the very end of the so it doesn't get too hot or too cold. >>host: well is the way you have created this collection you are not overwhelmed by it. if you want to
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this and top with the eau de parfum you can correct >>guest: ! look at the beautiful finish on her >>host: this is the before claim, tired this was before i got the slain and this is absorbs quickly and you can just feel lost in and retains the without having a barrier on >>host: long- lasting picken >>guest: also be a treatment product because we know we need to keep the skin looking younger.again, here is what she
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included in this special collection.i love flex pay i use it all thei love me some flex pay but if you want his flex pay in this collection you must do it within this hour.i know we are extremely busy. you have got to get it before we launch our brand new today's special in a little over a half hour. also, we have sold kits and remember this is part ver holiday gift collection. she does not do these kits very and especially at this tremendous all comes packaged in this beautiful box which you have donegeous set in bow a glitter lid on top and i love the silver animal is really fun and it makes such a lovely gift to share. >>guest:it is considerate. >>host:and if you
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want to split it up you can give them everything you can >>guest:gives someone little cream and the box >>host: they will be happy. by the way everyone on the phone lines i down to 600 of the destiny kits. i love the bomb shell. this is adorable and not only is the fragrance but you the latest fragrance and is this is the only price $32.50. i have a special treat i want to show you before i move on and she only does this one time had it on the and it sold out that fast. called the sensational collection.can you
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give us 15 or 30 seconds of what you have included inside here? >>guest: the best of the best one of all of the fragrances pheromone, destiny bombshell, 15 >>host:fragrances in this gift box and guess how well one of these 4 everybody stocking this year.or s >>host: all the guest for the dinner table.thanksgiving how awesome with that he. be? 15 fragrances in there. they are beautiful and that is a of fragrance. our next collection goes her cornerstone the signature the one that literally you
11:32 pm
inside the appearance in egypt. have a beautiful collection for you in the pheromone set. you are getting the edp. back and shower cream, the cooling bodysh the body butter and the super rich hand and not one u actually the gold version, to gift boxes to go with it so you this up put tissue paper inside of here and you will have to beautiful guess to share with someone and it is ready to go, all of $59.95. the kind of marilyn did on this, just the eau de parfum by itself is body butter bath and shower cream $22 $22 for cooling body splash $15 for the
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super rich hand cream and not included invprices are the 2 goldtone gift boxes. this is her entire holiday and it is all full- sized.a retail value. if somebody missed it i would love to say hello cheryl from california and then we will talk about your very famous pheromone.hello cheryl. how >>guest: cheryl, i thank you for calling. >>caller:how are you guys i got the roller balls. i have a i got that last year. i love it. >>host:ideal love aller: put that on in a matter where you go people are stopping asking you what you have
11:34 pm
put a body cream on with it and have 112 and i mix it with pheromone.a bad >>guest: that is - conversational. >>host:strangers come up to you and ask you what you are to me and say what wearing and a man came up to me and said what do you have gone and i said i have 112 lalande.the is >>guest:that make you feel really good question >>caller:makes me feel really good and i do not wear any perfume but yours. thank you and keep them coming. >>guest:sure will, thank you for calling. >>host: is great when you have a guy come up and say what are you wearing? i
11:35 pm
told you we'd get the calls will we do the marilyn miglin the way cheryl will be able to try the destiny in the roller ball to turn back the hands of time. did you ever imagine you would a signature fragrance that you found on the of an egyptian pyramid? >>guest:i did on no but i know women need a of fragrance that will allow them to be confident and because i was so passionate aboutit did not matter what anybody told me i knew it would make women feel better about themselves. what >>host: was it discovering it? i cannot all of the hieroglyphs (...) >>guest:when i was there and its
11:36 pm
sample rooms we were when i had the egyptian smooth students translate some of the and one of them's father was a perfumer in cairo and he i will take you to meet my and we will give you perfume so when i went to cairo with his father set i said i do not want joy, i said can you replicate these he said no not to all too old and i said i will pay so reluctantly he did that.i was very excited because i had something i knew nobody else had. when i put this on my he washt i smell like church so was not as glamorous as one might have
11:37 pm
i had to wash it off because i did net smells so good three days and three nights i could not get this off skin so i said what in themaking this so that i cannot remove it so that is when i began to think there was something about some of these ingredients that are very long eliminate a notes and add some more notes that i would have something that every woman will enjoy so it took half years from point but altogether seven and a half years i worked on developing pheromone. everyone thinks it's wonderful and glamorous but there is a lot of effort that goes into it. what's >>host: a and dust to the state is one of the world's most famous fragrances. and was >>guest: of the light. it is been here for such a long time is a clatter 3 here
11:38 pm
there is about 100 new a perfume. this will >>host: be one of the most renowned fragrances in the world.nt when you wear the perfume as our lesa said they ask me what i am wearing. we are going >>host:to check that out as well. karen from you are on with marilyn miglin welcome to hsn. >>caller: marilyn, hello suzanne. >>guest:hi karen. items >>caller:s. i am from arkansas. >>guest: marilyn you are so >>guest: think god put me in charge of
11:39 pm
making ladies feel good about themselves but have tried pheromone? aut >>caller: of course, i have tried everything you've got.what a >>host: is your pheromone story? ser >>caller:mota or destiny story i love my destiny.i love pheromone of the secret ingredients and you do spray it on your feet? s >>guest: elite.ller: get asked all the time in elevators.i had >>host: to ask a question of someone is insane should i get that kit what would you say about that collection she is offering?
11:40 pm
>>caller: i would say get it because maryland always offers us something extra. >>guest:wish to lovely pheromone season. >>caller:why so much. hat >>host:the pheromone holiday. --thank you so much. --happy pheromone holiday. i was >>caller:auto offer a suggestion about fragrances. would you i have fragrant show and whatever you are i am smelling it at the time and it is so exciting.that is >>guest: nderful, see why. it is a fragrance
11:41 pm
experience. >>caller: money is my favorite. pheromone-is my favorite. i am dressed or sporty is an incredible fragrance. >>guest:was my passion. thank you >>caller: such a classy lady. >>host: need to review what karen has talked and other callers before, here is marilyn miglin has included an this is signature eau de parfum very @ it arm store's by is is $65. our ticket tonight is $59.95. this would be an incredible value if i did not have anything else
11:42 pm
included.besides that you are getting a huge 8 fluid ounce body bath and cream. a delicious cream that cleanses and moisturizes and hydrates your is very different andjust grab your skin with.--just (...) >>guest: pheromone majors in cool and a little moisturize. then when >>host: have the rich body butter. emollient rich and creamy, it goes and your skin will just drink it will literally drink into your skin and help hydrate it.we actually include the super rich hand cream. this is the
11:43 pm
when you put beside your kitchen sink. be on your nightstand.before you go to sleep. >>host: , she did this. this is holiday gift-giving season not one box but she actually is giving 2 gift can split it up two perfect guests and on flex pay you will spend under $20 to get all of this home and you get two of the most wanted to give some of the season.people will say no and you gave me that last year, i love it because people do fall in love with becomes a signature scent from people and you have heard for callers in a row atop about clusively. it is an value. and quite an accomplishment.should later it?
11:44 pm
start >>guest: with the duty body then we finish our and towel dry but while still slightlyyour beautiful body butter and then use your special splash just to dampen your skin a little bit more and then finish with your pheromone. the bottom of your feet to the tips of your years.when your >>host: go out people will be like what are you wearing? we've heard people who have gotten in gauge, but these are made from wearing we love to hear your stories and we will not do value like this. gay-. ala
11:45 pm
>>host:u are waiting. i appreciate it because a lot of times you are seeing yellow can i get that? even though we arestill get this. we will let you know when it sells out. one sneak peak and already almost 200 were ordered.she did this one time last year and i remember clearly this of the most sought gift ideas last year. you open it up and there is every single fragrant she created, 15 in the entire, unique does not happen that we have it back $49.95.that is pretty remarkable and it makes this very enjoyable. >>model: [commercial]
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[music] >>host: [reading] >>host: i grab a jewelry box right
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now and in this tangled looks all too familiar about 30 different necklaces tangled gather you have got to it midnight for our today's special. i will place this down for just a second and best selling jewelry armoire is we are celebrating the debbie meyer anniversary.--darker anniversary. we are doing it price you have never seen before and by the because we are celebrating debbee barker ur, we will also have the have some more that you can see with origami. opens in 10 instant storage wherever you free shipping and handling and so much back
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to the lovely marilyn could >>host:certainly spray the inside of that nice case with fragrance.when it >>guest: open up jewelry armoire today's special you can say there my marilyn miglin pheromone. >>host:ok the next item not only did i absolutely fall in love with the fabulous way this is been designed but it is your- fragrance is called bombshell. i think >>guest:you wear it well, you are kind of a bomb shell. >>host: so many of you are bombshells. it is >>guest: lovely to recall the days of bombshell slight bedding "regal" or the glamour of that era. it is >>host: an era that is so loved.i think >>guest: it has been recreated. what to
11:49 pm
>>host: to bring us in this the nicest packaging i have ever but more than that, here the mayor of blue powder puff.the powder is here, here is powder dish is not this just the most feminine little powder look at how >>host:awesome this is you have the mirror blue and then n here and there is your is >>guest: such a feminine way to apply your powder and we have not bombshell powder before so this is the first time we have had it. by the way jar is glass. that an actual leak lost a glass jar. --frosted glass chart. we have to because it is a brand new is
11:50 pm
>>guest:hide feminine but more than with their little feathers here i want you to take that little feather off in your completed down ray with the bombshell fragrance and it will be a signature and they will say what is on your id is >>host: it is a fragrance that is once again very memorable, very sexy, i have to add is >>guest: flirty it had >>host: is a little wink to it like a bombshell, think about the two girls who were considered to be bombshells, >>guest: gray ballyworth. marilyn monroe. absolute >>host: the and this evokes the name. -- bettyblegrable.
11:51 pm
>>host: is our little feather and this again it can become collector's item but a fragrance just speaks for itself.we have the white peach there are the not know >>host: skar orange, morning due bergamot, mandarin. mid notes are >>guest:peach, peony, green i believe so there is a freshness to it as well the psyllium melon. very sweet. then you have the tag jet rosetone crystals, long- lasting in ver and violight woods. a bombshell. a
11:52 pm
bombshell lasting >>host:put it on and you do feel a bombshell one shoulder forward. a little more flirtatious. for the entire gift- giving season i have about the hundred of these remaining. please remember they come beautifully gift barse. you may want to 1 for yourself and give one way or did the entire thing as a gift or if you have not bombshell because this is her lead launched this is a wonderful way to try itde
11:53 pm
parfum and i have to tell you i love the this is not powder that is all over the place and i love the mayra blue cuff. under the >>guest:marabou there is the powder puff.i love the >>host: is jar as well this is a frosted glass jar with the lid so it is all elegance and kind of that old lamour a style. start your morning getting % the right mood for the rest of (...) deerfield >>guest:like posing? >>host:b00- b000-
11:54 pm
ee d00 =p. this is >>host: the perfect time, just this is already become a favorite% too wonderful gifts and it tomorrow and obviously the price is going to come to a close. please stay on for one of her fragrances. all right, now i have to tell you i remember when we did this next item and did it about a year ago. it sent a huge hit. what've the it is a day at items of they season. quite frankly is the best of the best of the best. all 15 ofragrances compiled in 21 beautiful fragrance collection. you have
11:55 pm
included pheromone destinytieng, destiny perfumebombshell, celebrate, magid, pheremone breeze pheromone gold pheromone sensual amber, and of course you% beautiful window can mix >>guest: them if you wish that can now singularly what we are talking about. one of our caller said she said like a fashion show as we talk about them she can actually smell them.we create our own dancing girls. we look >>host: at this, i want you to think about all the different women in your either for yourself or obviously if you say you know there
11:56 pm
are a lot of these i have not tried but could you imagine one in every stocking or if you are having in front of all the ladies to put their signature fragrance they get to take home with them.or grow >>guest: very important so you can talk aboutd what it evokes. fine >>host: girls night in really. anytime >>guest: get together with the girls is good. tried so many of her fact last year's obviously did not the bombshell in it because it had not been created yet. you actually most current latest edition which the bombshell in here weathered teacher guess, your boat maybe your thinking all my neighbor, all of my girls are such good
11:57 pm
it is >>guest: a thoughtful and everybody appreciates a nice fragrance.we have to >>host:flexible payments on this as well and from that sneak peak almost 400 have been ordered. she only does this one time per year where you get this entire half an ounce so that is impressive.these real >>guest: e not sample sizes.substantial amount and this will last year. here is the destiny glue, and by the destiny blue is a derivative of the destiny because as bluevit which we have not done before. >host: describe a blue flowers the blue house
11:58 pm
>>guest: hydrangea, the blue foxglove, blue lilly, poppy african king stun those are >>host:literally blue flowers. and we have >>guest: hydrangea.i use >>host: lue hydrangeas outside yard in big and a home in pennsylvania. that is only one we have another 14 to talk about but we do not have time to talk about them.mite-- red andn a big victorian home in pennsylvania. please stay on for that one. we have a couple thousand stock right now. we are wrapping it up,
11:59 pm
thank you ms. marilyn, we love you so much and you will be back for your final couple of shows. they'd you >>guest:for your calls as well. i will be >>host:here wednesday night going into thursday morning the spin mop will be the lowest price ever with new improvements so i will see wednesday night going into thursday morning at midnight but now we are going to organize our jewelry with adam. [music] 3 >>host: thank you suzanne! indeed we are to many people's struggle with jewelry boxes that look like jewelry that is broken and scratches and lost. tonight we are celebrating 11 amazing years with debbee barker and we are doing it in style with our jewelry armoire today's special! [♪ music ♪]
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>>host: one of our most highest rates a review products of all time. over 107 of you said you have got to get it as well! tonight is the final time 2012 taking a peek over the door jewelry armoire at the best price ever custom engraving and a price to really match. we are excited because so many of us love the idea of a product that is totally made in america and hold over 200 pieces of jewelry and is a full length mirror that we will show you the engraving. the inside as luxurious and we want to talk to you on this big if you already have your jewelrymoire committee have got to tell us about it and how it transformed the jewelry wardrobe. 1-866-376-8255. not only is it our best price,e are going to free shipping and handling and 4 flex pay. you get this
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home at under $33. if you use the hsn credit card, we will give you a bonus flex pay as well meaning that you get, under $25. only thing you need to decide on its color! there are so many great colors to choose from. this is the oak. look at the leopard! imagine a walk on the wildalmost a gold metallic to it. the cherry is always very popular. the black classic and look at the zebra on the end. the final color choice is always the most popular, that is the white prove that will be the first to sell out we are already getting busy on phone lines. think about it for somebody for the mom sister or simply give for yourself. tonight is a celebration of a lady that helps to create innovations and inventions to solve those problems. her name is debbee barker and 11 years the journey began on. debbee! but to see you. >>guest: thank you
12:02 am
is to be back. and what ask you. where is3 jewelry? if i asked you to show your 5 favorite pieces of jewelry, would you look at the trade by your bed or in the door in the bathroom? i will show you would have all your jewelry of one place. look at my jewelry armoire! every single piece of jewelry that i have is in one place. it is organized and is beautiful. it is stored. is protected and this is a3 way that you are going to enjoy your jewelry collection. let me take you on a tour! i am going to show you how this thing works. our first section right here used for your they're all different types of earrings. there are studs, there are wires, there are clip ons and labor backs. space for about 50 pairs of earrings, but actually a little bit more because can use the tops and bottoms of the bar. the next section down ideas
12:03 am
for my bracelets. there are 12 solid brassey are about 1 in. long deep. i put rj graziano up watches and my heidi daus bracelets. everything is separated. is tangled and i can see absolutely every single thing that i have. the backing is a beautiful velvet lining. what is the fabulous about this is nothing is going to scratch. you are going to keep the integrity of your jewelry. one thing that we all love. i know ladies that we all love our long necklaces. no more tangles! all of my necklaces are right here. i am not going to have to hunt in the morning and search. i am going to choose. this is what i you can double and triple hanging. absolutely beautiful! but now i only 10 fingers, but i have spice for 93 ratings! you probably do have a close to that because you have them stuck in some
12:04 am
many different places. big chunky rings a little skinny pants. beautiful heidi, joan your whole collection. this is like a jewelry store! now i want to show you something. this is something we put. it is so special. we a mirror on the inside and the reason that we did is because a lot of times we want to put on your earrings to get nice and close. i can try on different necklaces and i can say let me try something else. i am not constantly opening and closing the door. everything is right here at your underneath here i have 12 solid brass hooks. again, you to put anything you want on it.s to your personal collection. you can use it for and necklaces ore, long size. one of my favorite parts is down rj graziano. when he sells you bracelets! >>host: he sells a
12:05 am
ton of them! >>guest: guess what? l 10 together and all my bangles together and look at the width of this bangle! where would you put this in a regular jewelry box? you take up the whole thing! a little space beautiful pans. i have a pedometer here. i have something as delicate as a beautiful silk flower that i do not want crushed. because i am a sports, i have given my has been one spot for his watch. >>host: just the one! [laughter] >>guest: the know what, brad? if you want complete your own jewelry armoire! girls, your board to fill it up! this is something we did very special today. we have this special engraving process. look at the top of the mirror. exclusive to hsn. it is such a beautiful decorative piece. not only on the top but also on the bottom. this will enhance anything in
12:06 am
your as a person who likes to organize actually i am not, i need thing is to help reorganize, this is something that does more than one thing and that is what i believe you should always do we organize. it is a gorgeous jewelry organizer. it is a gorgeous piece of home this is something you add to any room and it is a full length mirror. we all need a full length mirror, do we not? this does it all! >>host: when you listen to what debbee is about is that piece of furniture. whether is our wives, girlfriends or you who is maybe watching saying is true what debbee is saying is i can never find what i am looking for some 95 it, i have asked my husband to untangle that necklace or never find the other hearing. now all the sudden you're collections are all organized. maybe it's your technibond or heidi daus or nicky butler colleen pieces. they all have their own separate section.
12:07 am
even the longest of longs can be accommodated. folks, these are flying out the door. the only color ombre about tonight is the white because the white is outselling every colored two-one at this stage in the game. we will pick the shipping charge and paid to send it to your door or any door in america so if you need as a gift for, we will do all the hard work. on flexa or mastercard or american express (...) something that is a full-length mirror, solid hardwood at such a reasonable price! that is why so many people are jumping all over it. let us say good evening to joyce in new york. welcome to the show. you are live with debbee and adam. how are you tonight? >>caller: low! how are you bolts doing? >>guest: we are great! how'd you like our armoire? >>caller: i love it!
12:08 am
i have the leopard print and let me tell you, that was the best thing i got, i had so much jewelry and it was everywhere! [laughter] >>caller: when i purchased this i was able to put all jewelry in there and look at it and see everything. i had forgot about stuff i had! i would like i had this? where was this thing? i had even forgotten jewelry i had bought, but now when i opened that armoire up, i am so happy! everything is in place. everything i can put my hands on and it! i just want to thank you for making this and thinking about us ladies that have so much, you know, jewelry that we need to be able place everything and be able to open up the door and see >>guest: ank you! we ladies do have a lot jewelry, but another thing that we ladies like to do is decorate and actually we have kristen here.
12:09 am
kristen is my daughter and she is showing how beautiful i can look in a row. how'd you like that, kristin? >>guest: i mean, look at this ring, joyce! this is a colin cowie bedroom this is the perfect addition to any room. is that nice finishing13 having the full length mirror. it does so many and that there really opens up their room. and by the way, we are also some of this light with it. maybe if you do not want to put in bed template may be a hallway are somewhere where you are may be not getting as much light committee have this like they can put on the top and you have gray and ease of. that will have you see all of your beautiful jewelry so nice and easy and you know what? meinhold you are or how much do you have, you need in armoire. [laughter] >>host: there are so many products that we offer on hsn that we are so proud of, as kristen showed you you put this on the wall or over the door and we
12:10 am
show that momentarily put this resonates with everyone because it looks beautifully and has been custom- made this was the for and as joyce mentioned, she got hers and she loves her. you will love going to your jewelry and making it organized. the led lights, and there $30, free shipping and handling. this is a great addition. we have about 12-13 minutes final day. final time, final chance this year! when i told you had 1700 reviews on, think about that because most private have 10 or 20 or 50. is hands down a firm customer favorites! i imagine it going over the door. what debbee is going to show you right now. >>guest: every single comes with these brackets. you can hanging over the door. you are using vertical space. you are using
12:11 am
space that otherwise he would not. i am so sorry i forgot to mention this earlier. the know with this is made? the usa! made in proud to say i have been to the factory and seen this made, 85 craftsman touch it before it gets deo. you do not the husband or a handy man, you can install at yourself, ladies! believe me, if i can do it, you can do it. you can still use your door and opens and closes but look at how beautiful is inside. see this white paper? i play here for television purchases because i want how fabulous this earring section is. there are little holes and a little slit. you do not want things to fall are separated. if you have a wire or pierced or clip on, you put it in and is not going anywhere. is staying right there. also, this ring section at. fabulous! take your rings and hazlitt's and adapts to any type ring. look how
12:12 am
easily% chunky joan boyce rang right ine! 1 2, 3 and you are using space. it comes fully assembled. you do not have to put it together. i am not a put together a type of girl. you will be able to load this up immediately. that is the fun part. we get home and the ups man takes it down the driveway and you rip open that gigantic box, as the hard part. you are going to felt it right up. that is with the fun begins. that is where you are going to see all the door you forgot about. all the door you have not been wearing. you are going to where everything. >>host:s the beautiful thing. 10 minutes and counting down till the end of the presentation. one of the top-10 list reviewed items of all time. your jewelry is stored away so it is a secure place to put it. this fantastic. we will go back into it but most of
12:13 am
this know that our wives and girlfriends and ladies out7t235900][s:m][pa:sz debbee, this is all too familiar. it is a mess! >>guest: if you have a box, dino is a box? no. if you see it you wear it. that is the beauty of this armoire. this is the only day because you are going to want them for christmas with all kinds at christmas. if you want at this great buy, today is the day to get it. >>host: have to go to the phones in 2 seconds. >>guest: you want to go to the fund's first? >>host: you go first. >>guest: people have armoire parties where it as soon as they get people go to the house and they get all their jewelry and load up their armoire. every piece of jewelry tells a story because the jewelry is like a story of our if the know album of our life. you look at things and you commemorate the day your daughter was born or this
12:14 am
is an emotional walk down memory lane. if any of you have had on more parties, i know i f had a few and some of you have called and facebook me. >>host: kristen will also be chatting live on the hsn app. if you want to talk about your kristen who that you have seen and part of the dynamic duo want to hear your stores. let us go to michigan and say good evening- tantowel. is this your first time buying it or do you already have one? >>caller: i already have an absolutely love it. it was packed so well. if i had to put this together, i would have put it together. it was well worth it when i saw how beautiful it was. >>guest: but he did not! >>caller: is gorgeous! i >>host:or do you have? >>caller: i have in
12:15 am
the leopard. i am waiting to hang it because i think it will match perfectly with my bedroom. i am thinking about purchasing one for my daughter for christmas. i would get another one. >>guest: today is the day to it, and as the mother of two daughters, she will love you for it. >>caller: i am very happy it came (...) >>host: 2 micromesh tantowel. what a great this adapts to your own personal jewelry collection. this whole section is for earrings but i am not a big earring person, but what i am as a bracelet person. i took these cuffs and hung them over the earring bar. it for whatever you+ you can put necklaces on here. let us go through the top. here is our earrings section. again, a space for 50 pairs of earrings but it
12:16 am
holds about 100 pair because you can use the top and bottom of earring section. 12 solid brass hooks. >>host: have got to see the >>guest: at the length of that pop. you can double and triple hanging and see everything that you have. we have this beautiful velvet lining. the know why this is so good and quality? made in america. 85 people touching this. made in america! look our necklaces. nothing is everything is separated. no more hunting in the 93 rings and then i love being able to try things and not opening and closing the door. this is wardrobing. this is just such a beautiful, beautiful luxury that does not cost like a >>host: debbee we are incredibly busy and just an the white is the one i am worried about. the white is always the most popular
12:17 am
outselling the other colors for: one at this stage in the game. we will go through the other colors as well. this is the best price with the most custom engraving and a brand new exquisite design. we never seen it or veto it again. is the last day of 2012 we are going to do we are into a holiday shopping at this stage in the game. we have talked to lovely colors as said they one and one to go on for my daughter or get one for some i love. if as, go for it or if you already have and jewelry on more and more to get a second one to put your other jewelry and then this holes up boards of 200 pieces, but if elected organize everything like your white metal and your beautiful gold, you can do that and as all protected. if you want to order online blazer fastest way to the front of the3 think of the last time that you bought any kind of jewelry or even just a plane mirror would be how much? this $129 for something
12:18 am
really, debbee is extraordinary. >>guest: istened. this is substantial and free shipping is amazing because this is not light. you (...) we love to put this in any room of your house? i have a room with three of them in they're not all filled up, but i am working on kristen cannot fill hers up yet, but this is one she is workingall suck and my right kristin? >>guest: even though i cannot fill it i love opening id and sitting on my bed and looking all my pieces of jewelry i got when i graduated from college and my first big jewelry purchase a made here at hsn. you will love it because you can see everything and this is a fabulous gift. think about mom grandma or your daughters and may be split up among a couple theings. the quality is amazing and most of all, be allowed brit etching. we have not done anything close to this. do not forget about the
12:19 am
lights. this is not just for the bedroom even though it looks amazing in this bedroom. it is the perfect finishing touch, but may be in the bathroom or your dressing area or the guest room with a hallway. this is something you will use every single day. how many to you by that you use every single day or even multiple times a day? >>host: is that not true? >>guest: does flex pays the you could buy these earrings or get this job with armoire home! that is amazing and to kristen is point how many things the use every day to run you use this in the morning we get dressed. uli is this in the evening when you get undressed. you will check yourself in the mirror and look at it every day. sometimes i opened my jewelry armoire and i sit on my bed and i just look at the jewelry because everything has a memory. i do not have jewels, but i have a lot things that need a lot to me. for example, this box right here is grandmother's watch.
12:20 am
she is not with me anymore and i may be where it once or twice a but do you know what? i think of her every morning that i opened my jewelry armoire. where is that necklace? i do not know if i have in here today.e it is. my kristen chrissy is not little girl anymore, but they say they're at allowance for this particular necklace for me. it may have cost them by dollars, a means $5,000 to mehe sentimental value. this is where you keep your memories. have you ever lost something and hid it from yourself? i once lost my wedding ring for almost a year because i hit it so well. now it's my wedding ring is not on my finger, is on a specific slots. this not only does he organizer, but it will keep you organized and you are going to enjoy using it every single day. >>host: is that true and you never know what is in these. >>guest: this is
12:21 am
like a guessing gounod's (...) [laughter]-- who knows? if the have a friend or sister and wanted to pin and you did this gorgeous you do not have to ship (...)you can ship this to a friend right? >>host: we will do the shipping for you. chanterelle to ascetic, you do not build anything but becomes totally assembled and made right here in america. the mirror on the outside in the mirror on the inside. when you're heading out on the date or your heading out to work in the morning and rushing around, it is easy for you try things on. so many times is difficult because you cannot find it because it is buried deep down in the other jewelry chest we have one of the jewelry trees where you hang all the necklaces on. they can be a nightmare as well. final couple13 will take as many calls as we can.
12:22 am
gigantic customer pick and the best value debbee, this is its once this today's special is done, we are done for 2012. >>guest: you are getting the mirror. this is such a beautiful detail we have on here. you will never see this again. we will probably retire this. it is difficult to do and not only on the top. is on the. is a beautiful piece of artwork. is the beautiful full length mirror. is6 c13 jewelry i have 323 pieces of jewelry and mine. that does not even include other little things like you a spare $20 bill, up my pajama are. this is a place that will you organized. you will love it. any woman that you get this form will love it. the know what? they may forget a little necklace or a hand back but they will remember you every single time they look at this every day when they go into it and get the jewelry. >>host: where you
12:23 am
get four. maybe your daughter, after the christmas break send her back to college with one of these. it will take up no floor space. one of the biggest questions that we get half is what about installing it to mature of two options. to convince the to the wall like we did here which is simple and easy with the easiest way to go is over on the white one and basically run the studios you will see where we just put it over the door. is that simple and easy. kristen w said it when you got yours, you dig yourself. >>guest: i put it right over my it door. i read so i did not want to put holes in walk. i love looking at my mom's because i remember jewelry she would wear our this little and i love that i get to look through all that and hopefully one day i will get to wear it to. [laughter] >>guest: stay away from my jewelry, kristen. >>host: stay on the phone lines for yours. do not forget about this light. this is awesome! kristen was telling
12:24 am
your guy, and to give this light means that you can see if you're doing your make up as well. >>guest: this also adjust. you can stick anywhere. >>host: had one lady said that she put it over a piece of art work. >>guest: no assembly. >>host: black or we will send that to you with free shipping and handling. if you are worried about tarnish with the jewelry, ask about our tarnished tamar's.-- tarnish es. where did begin with debbee barker agresta flipfold.ou have never seen it yet, you've got to see it. [♪ music ♪] >>host: bobbi here to let you know what is going on with hsn. tonight and
12:25 am
minette at the spin mop the locks. we have sold over 300,000 at hsn. we are going to offer it to you with the lowest price we have ever offered6 c13 before. is coming up tonight with michael sullivan. do not miss it tonight at midnight. [commercial]
12:26 am
>>host: the big bang
12:27 am
theory, dr. ross, does this look familiar? this the world-famous flipfold- want to it full anything in seconds flipfold is the way to go. an award winning products that started nearly 12 years tonight for the first two and a half dozen colors2500 colors the junior and the laundry c13 flex pay. with great colors the show you. i will keep you updated with quantity because each one of these was sold out within the next 13 minutes. debbee barker of this is where it all began. >>guest: the laundry never goes away so here is a big laundry bag we are going to give you because you're going to need it. let me show you how to cut your laundry time in half. this the back of flipfold. take a shirt and lay it face down on the
12:28 am
board. simply flip flip and in less than five seconds, you have an absolutely perfectlyshirts. no matter what size your shirt is medium, extra large touchable xl everything will be folded to the same size on the flipfold. perfaceect erytime. you are not going to need to iron. everything looks pristine with the football. hat to girls as you you met kristen. when they were little i made them do their ownvlaundry and they could wash and dry butg stayed in the laundry basket. it was always i made my
12:29 am
first flipfold out of13 masking tape and that is where it began. my little girl kristen said to me, mommy learned about patten's in school today. out of the mouths of babes, that is what we did. we made the flipfold which is another american made come so proud of that and it is patented. this is the only place he will be able to get the real folder is here. let me tell you why isatented. these are called living hinges. this is made of a very high grade polypropylene. that is memory. we need for a shirt on the board, it flips it opened. that gives the air out of the sure with the holes. we also have the little footers on the bottom. we have
12:30 am
engraving on the board, but this is going to make laundry fine. amazing x point >>host: debbee, with everyone on the phone line, they're flying out the door. you get two of them for what he would typically get 14. you are getting the flipfold and the flipfold jewelry-- football flat folded jr. and the laundry bag. we want to be able to create more space and are clauses. notice small to triple x l, every single size that debbee is doing, every time it comes out perfectly. this is only one time shot for debbee anniversary. >>guest: place in the world that you get this price onsomething even more amazing. we gave you reduce shipping and handling. >>host: plus all the
12:31 am
bonuses. >>guest: plus the laundry bag. this year also been the flipfold this is a men's large sure that i am voting with the flipfold junior. this is 7 by this is nine by 12. we give you to fold choices. that is what we are giving you with the two fold sets. this is a folding system that will handle everything that you need. kristen is folding. are you fighting? >>guest: love folding towels. and that's oz silly but everything will be nice and neat. just to the same look at how nice and
12:32 am
neat your touse are going to stack in your living clauses. you can also use this on flatou can use this anywhere. i am voting, ironing board. you do it on your better coffee table. you do not even need to look at the close. everything will be nice indeed. of the triple xl. you save so much space and laos 3
12:33 am
25 percent more on this side of the closet because everything is need to fold it. >>host: on hsn. we see it again will be more money. for debbee a love as anniversary in this launch premier show, to bonuses. reduce shipping and handling. $50 value at about $29.95. black, blue, turquoise or purple or the color choices. and of the black as well. think about stocking stuffers for the holidays.ryone will love. >>guest: it is
12:34 am
amazing. it is not just for knits., has been used to travel he put it in and got it recalled. this is 17.5 in. woven shirts. does pop the sleeves and you flip, flip and fold. does this not look like it came out of dry cleaner or the bag? you can fall pants with the flipfold. but waist band at the end set of 2 board.tricks. what do you want to do if you put an ounce to together? -- outfits. there is no
12:35 am
question of what goes with what. we have flipfold stores and hospitals. this is hospitalsdr. oz came to see it. here is the full the scrub. if you want to put your pieces together take the pant of the scrub the hospitals and go like this. flip, flip and and now your outfits are together. at the size of the shirt. big thick shirt. this will fold as easily6 c13 woman small little tank. in view of the long sleeves, but the in. is very forgiving.% flip and fold. perfect every time! >>host: all the
12:36 am
stores use a. this is how they do is so fast. tonight you get not only the full-size, basically the trouble size and in the laundry tote proved the best value. this is featured on the big bang show, that character, sheldon is a product that will absolutely love. those are not good folding, the cz. for those of us out there that are left to do the folding for one else in the family, this is what is going to save you time. we have only been on this a few that having kristen had been6 c13 like a race! >>guest: you will empower your kids. how would like to teach them a chore that you do not have to correct them with? tell your kids this is a kids
12:37 am
love using this tool. mat love tools. your husband will help you with that. and the time they get help with the laundry, i love it! a lot of people with handicaps use it, and i am not endorsing it but institute of the blind, you can feel where you're sure is. this is a nice repetitive >>host: is therapeutic actually. >>guest: what is therapeutic is when you open up their drawers and closets and you see evidence of neat and clean. when you are organized in the morning, you can find what you have. item. i do not know anyone as to be without a. >>host: debbie from west virginia's on with debbee! how are you this morning? >>caller: i am blown
12:38 am
away by this. i just get away from a mini vacation. i recently retired and i was looking at my mail and i saw this come on and i am thinking i have never seen this before! i will tell you what to the this is fabulous! >>guest: it is, debbie. >>caller: i am thinking of christmas guess. i worked in a hospital and i am thinking this is quicker than putting these clothes on a hanger like we used to do and send them to the lab and i worked in accounting but this is what the weight in gold. this is unbelievable! >>guest: debbee and you are going to love! >>caller: it is unreal! >>guest: so quick (...) >>caller: it is! and everything looks so much more easily stackable. our live and a small house so i do not, space or a basement i will put things in totes for seasonal things, but you know what?
12:39 am
these things are like being in a department store. >>guest: you are exactly right because debbie the this is what the department stores use. a lot of department stores said that they had to take them in the back room because people are paying more attention to the flipfold and the close. >>caller: is is unbelievable! i do not know how i ever miss this other than the fact that i have worked many overtime hours for many years. recently retired and and not normally up this late at night. >>guest: please call me back. >>caller: i will! i cannot wait! can you do me a talc? -- towel [laughter] >>guest: just
12:40 am
boulder tell and half. does not matter what size it is.-- fold your6 c13 towel in half. >>caller: (...) [laughter] >>guest:there are not many products that last 11 years. it is because it works! >>caller: i use the blow. i cannot believe i everything that you get. >>guest: you are getting the laundry bag and reduced shipping and two sizes! >>host: there, debbie! i even did it! thank so much for the wonderful call! >>caller: i can train my has been
12:41 am
out! >>guest: this is a pratfall. fault at down and fall the bottom of the shirt. you do not want to be split flip, and they feature of what is on the front of the shirts in the stores. >>host: that is the inside tip. we are about to sell out of the turquoise. turquoise and purple will be very close to sellout. if you want turquoise or purple, dial in right now i do not forget about the black and sechrest santa claus, next door you do not just get the full size, we will give you as a bonus, the travel size in the coordinating color. >>guest: and the talent as a reduced shipping! we are here for 11 years because it cut your laundry in
12:42 am
half! purple is gone! >>host: debbee barker and thank you. >>guest: you and happy folding everybody. >>host: ou will come back in 50 minutes time and thank you, kristen.--back in 15 minutes time. thank you to debbie from massachusetts. we are very excited because it is one of the best rated ever on hsn. top-10 of all time. today only, final time of 2012. we will do our jewelry on more and the best solute with free shipping and so much more. would you go on line now to go bold. de'longhi which is the design quality, they released an iron ceramic and3 titanium it retails at $100 everywhere
12:43 am
else. tonight if you watch the presentation, we will slice 50 percent of the price, but only for one day only. more after c13 [commercial]
12:44 am
[reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: do not asleep yet. the flipfold i have 300 left if you want to get yours. i have three of this sizeas wealth of this is the origami rack.
12:45 am
if the new storage space in the pantry of the closet with a grudge with the shed this is a media storage space.-- garage. no assembly, a bleak but the wheels on if you want. powder called it a great quality steel.-- powdercoated. full size which is shelves and we have a shelf one at $ 59.95. and the go
12:46 am
wild. >>guest: origami, named after the japanese art of paperis 12 linear seat of storage space. it does down from 12 linear feet 4 in. just like that stores away. >>host: it is the perfection. >>guest: this being powder cut this deal and i think nine months we have all 3 colors. >>host: black is obviously fantastic. with the white. i have not seen the way before. >>guest: because last time this all out like that! almost immediately.
12:47 am
the know with this goes great with? % [laughter] does. corporate >>host: do not forget the of the color lou. >>guest: the pewter. this is the original color. there is a little bit of gray and black in there. it is all of them kind of >>host: i have to wonder 50 of the black left. left. is-- 250 left.we have people buy these media units or doing business presentation and this place where people that are doing a fair at the church or the need to set things
12:48 am
for a yard and you just want a place to put everything. >>guest: 4 in. is all this is. it will fit in the back of the car the swerve you want to put it. we need it, all you do is grab the sides like this and this will come fully assembled to your house. there is one toggle on the back. all we have to do is to secure that. that gives rigidity to the bottom of the frame. the leaflet over the top shelf like this and snap this down and you are done. adam, i mention this comes fully assembled with the exception of the wheels. the wheels take less than five minutes to put on. we even give you a tool to dothe reason we did not put the wheels on is because if you do put the wheels 75 lbs. per shelf for a total of 300 lbs.. if you do not put the wheels on it,
12:49 am
you could do to under 50 lbs. per at a total of 1,000 lbs..-- 250lbs shelf with wheels. >>guest: use it as a dolly with the wheels on it. over here we have one as if you want to a big box door and you bought all the large cafes. a 50 lb. bucket of paint on the top i am going to put 35 lb. cinder block right next to that and i am going to put another 35 lb. cinder block right next to it. we have 120 pouncing on there right now. i can put, if
12:50 am
i wanted to, put another 130 lbs. on the top shelf this long will hold up 1,000 lbs.. what are you doing with those? >>host: what i have in my hand is why i think so many people jump on the or gamete rack because at less of 3 flex pay and free shipping, so many of us have bought things like this in the past u. >>guest: those are all parts you have to put together. people use these the get brittle in the wintertime. they bend. the get moldy. if you put too much weight on them they start to move from side to we paid as much for this for shall set up as this origami rack, but difference is, this entire shelving system, regular
12:51 am
plastic one will only hold 220 lbs. for the whole thing. this will hold to under 50 per on the origami.--250 lbs.. >>host: only 150 left in the you have the classic color and the this is the smaller one at $59.95 with free shipping. most people buy it one of those or two of these of one of those. >>guest: the little guy is perfect for the weird places we may not have the clearance for a big one. is powder coated steel that will not rust or chip. it will hold the same weight capacityc13 lbs. per shelf with the wheels on% under 50 lbs per shelf without the wheels.
12:52 am
>>host: $59 and change if you elected to that. final call on the black. classic. if you need extra space to store your shoes are handbags or wherever you need it that you for money wise compared to what you buy in the marketplace, you cannot compete. let's go to the phones as a good evening to jennette in california. welcome to the show. you are live with lou and adam. do you already have one of these? >>caller: yes, i have nine of them. it is age. i have three of the large ones to of 1st narrow short the i bought and the new ones that came out that our they are wonderful! >>host: jenna what you use them for? >>caller: se them for everything. it so easy to take all
12:53 am
of your trash or whatever you want to call it and organize it. they are just3 >>guest:great. >>host: need guide delivered, did you have to do anything to add to it assemble it? >>caller: no other than to put the wheels on and i am 74 years old and i have done it. >>host: to own eight of them is a real testament. and that's, if anyone what iran now insane should i bother, what would you tell them? >>caller:would say to go and get them because there is nothing like them on the market. >>host: thank you genet. we are down to about 60 left in the you have the black, white with a classic. we really need to create space in the shed or the garage door to organize. that is our theme tonight. this helps us to get organized. >>guest: in our
12:54 am
homes women have so much room and the only way to get more space is the do start building additions on to your house or donnelly but the origami shelving systems allow you take advantage of the vertical in your pantry, a closet basement or attic. so many different spots. talk about unconventional uses committee of the holidays coming up and you will be baking. this is the greatest baker's rack in the world. i will spin this around and i want to show you how deep the shelves are put their 18'' deep shelves. imagine this as a baker's rack or for all the clothes and the sweaters where is says to lay flat to dry. this is the perfect place to do that because if you have a flat and you put it down there that isd, there will never die. for a plant or moving christmas decorations back-
12:55 am
and-forth (...) >>host: things that will come to mind. >>guest: didactic met. theclose this down 4 in. and then pop it open and clear 12 ft. of storage.. it is not so heavy. take this anywhere you want to go. put in the back of the car and you are good to go. >>host: black is virtually just a reminder on 3 shawl version as well. asu, because we pay the shipping on both of these, is the nice thing to do. by one of these and they are on flex pay and then you are good to go. and that said, people normally come back for more. genet has eight of them. >>guest: debbee barker has i
12:56 am
know that it does have some and bill green have some. everybody's got them. is because it worked. >>host: callie show everyone also the weight capacity because we see this, you may not think it will support anything that is heavy. maybe by all the cans of soda or the food bags. >>guest: 50 lbs. 8 + 35 lbs each cinderblock. 120 lbs. on the top shelf well and good to put another 130 lbs. on top the top shelf. then another 250 lbs. here and3 without the wheels on it, it will hold up to 1,000 lbs.. one is the lastou saw a shelving system that you could put together. in pops open and will hold to 1000 sets. >>host: so many of
12:57 am
these ingenious ideas and ideas that make our lives a much whether is for the kids or college or mom and dad la creme our grandpa. it appeals to everybody. give me something that is easy and quality and then i can use it indoors ordoors. at this price to get the complete package. everything that you buy an hsn comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. anything that you buy, you have until the end of january if it is a gift to return to and get your money back. two minutes left the merlot, to do it all again? >>guest: yes, absolutely! how are coated steel. because of 4 in. fully extended. fully assembled and get home and you just pop it open and it goes from four in just a 12 linear feet of storage. we
12:58 am
never choice of the black-and-white computer. >>host: very limited at this stage.- , white or pewter. all the video we are showing with the you can put a tv on top of it. >>guest: what she is doing about extra cabinet space or (...) the nice thing is because they're on wills, they hold of the 300 in your pantry committed tips of the space, will lead out, do to get to do in and pushed i have several of these in my garage. they are fantastic. >>host: you will love it when you get home. with the de'longhi irony and
12:59 am
(...) lou, the smaller one (...) >>guest: in my capacity as the big with the three shells. it will hold up to a 250 lbs. without the wills or 75 lbs. with the wheels. coatings still fully assembled and you get home. >>host: this is a product we like to have in stock inventory on, we do not typically with the free shipping and handling and the flex pay. lou fantastic and thank you to jennette for the fantastic jennette with eight of these now, she loves them and so do most of tier with the free shipping is a purchase tonight on 2 flex pay of13 $30. think about going in theloset. store shoes
1:00 am
are hats. with all of those price rises is a wonderful day. flipfold, we have a couple londra left. over 2000's sold tonight. we only have some in the blue with a black. we will be the full- size flipfold and then throw in the flipfold jr. and the is a $50 value at $29.95. it is worth every penny. of course, is on the two sides pay of $14.98. in this hour, will do hundred towards the end. powerful air purification system we have. is a filtration. per month filter. free shipping and handling. $159.95. we have the u.s. launch. that along
1:01 am
the iron, it is our today's special! [♪ music ♪] when you need it the most, 36 cinch necklaces, whatever it is that you have you always know where to find it. 36 in. to in order to leave a rave review and the reason is you do not damage all of beautiful pieces of sterling silver or the sentimental
1:02 am
pieces of jewelry that we have collected over the years. for the final time in this year the over-the-door mirrored hanging armoire with etched scroll. we spoke to i believe it was chanterelle earlier that had the leopard, we have the light oak first then we have the leopard, always popular is the cherry the sleek black or the zebra.please noticeably if you will be etching engraving on the top and the bottom an exclusive designed just for us and just for you on hsn. the final color is white which is the best seller of all it continues to sell much higher than all of the others.for a
1:03 am
piece of furniture that is completely made in america artists and craftsmen and we have a price tonight that is truly astounding, it is under $130 with free shipping and four flexible payments as well. do not forget to use the hsn card to receive3 additional flexpay.kristin darker as well as debbee barker are here today and we are off to a flying start. >>guest: we certainly are! i want to ask everyone where you keep your favorite pieces of jewelry6 c13 over the house looking for them? mine are right here in this fabulous jewelry are more. my new home at fs300 and 23 pieces and this will make your life more organized in you will enjoy your jewelry every single day.irst section right
1:04 am
here is our earring section. we have space for about 100 pairs of earrings and you can use tops and bottoms of all of these spaces. we have clip-ons, lever backs. section down i use for my bracelets. these 12 solid brass hooks and they are about 1 in. long and you can double and triple hang. nothing is tangled mike rj watches, my heidi daus bracelets everything at my fingertips and it is almost like a jewelry store in my house. look at how gorgeous and luxurious offices. it detects everything see will not have any scratching. we love long necklaces but half the times i'd go to my jury box and everything is tangled. not so
1:05 am
anymore my jewelry are more. everything hangs so nice and nothing is tangling. i will not luster on my pearls because everything is separated and organized. now i only 10 fingers but i have room for 93 rings. look at this, all different types of rings, a big chunky rings skinny little bands everything is beautifully displayed, all of the stones are facing, we did something that no one else does. we put a mirror on the inside. why is this so special? you can look right here and you can try on different necklaces, you can get your earrings in and not fumble, you can see the way you look without opening and closing the door. mirror you have another 12 solid
1:06 am
brass hooks. everything is organized and everything is displayed. then the very last section i have here are 12 beautiful cups that hold all of the av size the size ofc13 cuff bracelet? where to put that in jute normal jewelry box? >>guest: 10 bangle bracelets at a time. cuff bracelet, pedometers, a beautiful silk flower that i do not want to get crushed and that let my husband have one spot for his watch and believe me ladies' was to get yours at home he will be lucky if he gets one spot in yours as well. gorgeous, all of my jewelry in one place but when you close
1:07 am
that you get a beautiful full length mirror. not just any full length mirror we have beautiful acting on the top and a beautiful acting on the bottom of this beautiful armoire.a beautiful jewelry organizer a full peace mirror and a beautiful piece of home decor. crystalline we show how beautiful it looks in your bedroom? >>guest: look @ this colin cowie bedroom, the jewelry armoire is a perfect touch and many times because of having the jewelry it opens up the room. also you did not have to just put this in your bedroom you can put it in a hallway or maybe put your silver in one or your gold in another, we also have this light sticks on top with an aide he says that sticks it on top. led if you do not have a ton of natural light coming into your
1:08 am
bedroom, think about how many things you use multiple times a day, this will be one of them. you'll enjoy it so much because pieces you forgot about you will be able to find in your jewelry are more. maybe when you got first promotion or had your first sleek and beautiful and i will study ladies' you'll have so much fun getting dressed in the morning more when you go for dinner at night and you will love excess rising because you will never have to dig through anything anymore adam. -- accessorizing the final presentation of the night we have lowered the price to the best value ever. if you order it right nowvobviously you know from the past. you could not buy a
1:09 am
mirror for $129 you would be lucky. a true craftsman designer said have createdt is sturdy, strong and built to last. what the things that we love, we all love the free shipping and handling. it is so easy to install because you have two options. you cannot fix it to the wall or most people put it over the door and debbee, you did that right now. >>host: i am not a6 that type of girl this comes fully you have a door? you can use space that you normally would not have used and the store is fully functional but it also holds armoire. you could hang it on the wall or put these brackets and put it right over the. kristen put hers on the door because she
1:10 am
did not want to have to pay your landlord for putting holes in the wall. a lot to show you the fabulous system that we have for earrings. there is a whole year with a little slit so when you put wire in its like right out in your earrings will stay together.everything is nice and neat. also i said holds 93 rings. while the size of this joan boyce be. i put my be right where it belongs right here. --bee. it is such a series of memories and you can tell a lot about a person by their jewelry collection. you can tell about their religion in their beliefs.this cross i have had since i was little. kristin
1:11 am
do you remember this is a baby boutique in that daddy bought me when i had gross it is not worth a million dollars but to me is a million dollars. do you remember me wearing kristin? >>guest: of course. >>guest: 34 your friends, your sister, your mother. or the handbag but they will not forget the jewelry armoire. >>host:think about guests for the holidays and christmas or for your mother or your best c13 get this home or deliver it directly to your friend or family member. this is the final time% in 2012 that we will have it so we are thinking ahead to the holidays. we would love invite you to dial in. call us on the talk line at 1-866-376-8255.
1:12 am
if you already have the jewelry armoire you have got to tell us about it. wende from new york, you are on livekristin, debbee and adam. how are you tonight? >>caller: this time, i already have the white and i can hang it over the door as i have one on my door. but i think it will great in the oak instead. >>host: you have the the one that you already >>caller: i have to order another one because3 getting crowded. >>host: is said to have that on the outside of the door you can open up the door and hang an additional one on the inside of your door so you can double hang your armoires you have double space. >>host:
1:13 am
>>caller: that would be it out size the hallway but this is in on your door and they open up the room they will not see it. >>host: it is so easy to find things to you agree >>caller: even if i am going to go buy something i look at what i already and i can see everything that i have so i know i need or what colors match rest. i could never see that before. what >>host: about the quality of >>caller: it is absolutely beautiful i've had it here and it still looks like it is brand new in side. >>guest: was it easy to put up? >>caller: i did it all by myself. >>guest: you did not need a husband or a handy man. >>caller: i did it all by myself and it
1:14 am
was less than 10 minutes it was on the door and i was filling it up. >>host: thank you so much your new one is on its way out to you, have a great week. >>caller: also i can tell everyone is do not wait, it is great. get it. thank you wende. >>guest: this to me is absolutely great and i have to tell you something that happens a lot. a lot of my friends are having our more friends--armoire parties. they get together and it has the story baptisms old boyfriends new boyfriends oldouse the new husbands really, it is fun, this is a photo album of your life. i
1:15 am
personally do not have the queen's jewels but i have a lot of things that are fun and mean a lot to me. this is my grandmother's watch. she is not with me anymore but i think of her and i do not wear it because it is very old but i of her every day when i open my armoire and open it. my daughters were little they saved their and they bought me this. says best friends. it costs them $5 but is worth $5,000 to me.he knows pieces that it would break your heart if you lost them? if you have the jewelry armoire you will never lose them.m! = >>host: we have all colors available at this stage in the game.and it is such a great choice really such a versatile color
1:16 am
(...) allegra buffington uses a lot of the cherry color with her highgate manor items. how many things can you say you love are made in the united states. can you listen to this? [knoxking] >>guest: solid wood. every time they chopped down a tree to make the jewelry armoire they replace it. we are not only dream and a great value and a great piece of home decor, we are jewelry organizer and home decor. this is something they will remember you for forever. >>host: you love jewelry is spend money on it but you know it gets scratched. when you scratch a piece of jewelry is just no
1:17 am
good. the leopard is available, black is available, zebra as well is available as the oak and one thing you will see kristen barker will tell you about this that has the function of holding the jewelry but it looks so nice. >>guest: as i said earlier- mirror easily more than $129.maybe you have been looking for that perfect piece of13 to finish off new decor, why not get this jewelry are more? i think almost all of hosts adams' wife, all of the hosts have and the thing everyone says is that they love their jewelry armoire. they love it that is the first game that day he say.they have all of their prized possessions in one place and whether you have a
1:18 am
huge jewelry collection or maybe it is such a nice thing for anyone because you can look at what you have and see what you but most of all whether you are 55 or 85 you will enjoy this. we have ashling on both the top and bottom we have never done this style before. do not forget about the light so if you put this in an area where you do not have much grab it and pop it on top is so easy and we've had someone call and say they got it for a piece of artwork as well.item #164- 076. $29.95 for the light. >>host: hello you are live with debbee barker, kristinmorning and you
1:19 am
already have a jewelry armoire? tell me about it? >>caller: i got it for my birthday this year. absolutely adore it, that is why i am calling you guys. anybody else they're sitting on the fence do not hesitate. >>host: you have gotten a lot this in your life. >>guest: how the field with the jewelry are more as a gift? >>caller: it was a 10 because then i could put all of the other guests inside. i tell you guys took me six hours to fill it and then i just there and oh my gosh! it is just awesomeyou can enjoy your jewelry even when you are not wearing! >>caller: i heard somebody say it is
1:20 am
not all but most of it3 from hsn. >>guest: that is even better believe me i am an avid shoppers here. >>caller: i love it and i like the fact that when i dressing you can see your clothes hanging there when i open jewelry armoire i see my jewelry. i look at myself in the mirror so i know what i am looking for. >>host: is such a good point, thank you gloria. have a good week. >>guest: thank you glorious. this jewelry are more totally adapts to your jewelry collection. i am not a the tureen purse it but i collect bracelets. i took the yourearring bars and added my bracelets. this that
1:21 am
secure it that it attracts and his blaze this is a way to add onto personal space and enjoy a collection that you have worked so hard to put together. 93 rings this is that you love and people will love getting it as a gift. you adam. debbee you will be back later on in the day, to kristin. >>guest: thank you adam. >>host: [music] >>host: idea of what is happening on are going to die with all things hsn. rod stewart is back friday night--02
1:22 am
guidego to guide . [music] >>host: what a fabulous concert is going to be plus you can catch encore concert. pre- order his merry christmas album. all coming up at 8:00 p.m. friday night, do not miss it. [commercial]
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[music] >>host: [music] >>host: it is here, we have got it. leading consumerzines have just raided the delonghi iron truly first in its are looking at13 design and craftsmanship. this is the night to do it. i have hundreds of the mills over the last couple of days and this is $100 item. the most3 item you can get.a brand new titanium and ceramic sold slate. his a dual sold slate and it as easy iron steam. --
1:25 am
it is a dual sole gigantic reaction on the phone lines. half off and i am thrilled because our very special guest darlene cahill is back to die. did you see that? there >>guest: has been another innovation in the italian design. this 1800 what i hear not a distinction--i aired of distinctio iron of distinction. we have taffeta of denim stretch and silk this will i and all of those fabrics so it will take care
1:26 am
of your wardrobe for every season of your life. then we have a turbo burst of steam. you will rock your wrinkled world. >>host: ght now half-price. $49.95. >>guest: here is the trick the site and.1800 watts we were disc dustingdiscussing, the titanium plate, it will slip and slide all over the iron in board and is surrounded by an ample frame that get so even the mostbborn wrinkles slight you will see him in linen.seas for yourself it works like magic. >>host: 1 of the most premiere iron
1:27 am
on the it marketplace. we are rushing towards 1000. when you see results like this in seconds is why this will fly out the door.a one- time-only special for this day only. darling, what is up next. i have to share with you this iron is intelligent dependable and reliable.a class act, economical and dependable as well. i want to show you that he's a generous access. no spill so it cuts down on spills and it cuts down on refills with the extra-large capacity. 13-1/2 oz water tank. a nice large water capacity there you close the top you are ready to go and it is intelligent.there
1:28 am
is thermostat control dial. and i hear ready indicator light so it takes all of the guesswork out. >>host: you know how many people are going from other brands they are very loyal to to because the results are extraordinary. i want to3 oliver over here who got one of these two weeks ago. not all irons are built equally. of all the different byron's earringsirons >>guest: hundred degrees around the perimeter day you are seeing a met soleplate and then framed his memory to the fibers which is
1:29 am
what makes wrinkles are getting instant results and that to me is peace of mind and instant gratification. this is what my t-shirts literally out of the dryer. not even make the wrinkles in this what i said that would be great that is really authentic. we do not want to look like we jumped out of a duffle that. what we showed you, the before and after is what is really impressive to be6 c13 those wrinkles fall away. that is just the beginning, the tip of the iceberg as they say. you do not have to worry about burning scorching ormelting fabrics. when you sequined tops and we will be wearing these to the highand
1:30 am
holiday parties and you do not want to burn melt sequins but just with the turbo you can make the wrinkles go away, they disappear. in a >>guest: the october issue of good housekeeping across the board it was recommended by leading magazines. delonghi launched this irone key points. ceramic and titanium sold slate, and then this team if you want see more husbands blazer or the drapes or curtains or anything, you have the power of steam that you have never seen before. delonghi gets the job done. it has a little tips within opened no son that soy gets around plackets, collars, cuffs, all those difficult areas and if you thought i
1:31 am
inning was a chore you have this kind of turbo @ your fingertips and it would change the way you feel about ironing. >>host: do not mind ironing it is easy, i have had this for a couple of weeks and i can tell you i adore it, it is the best iron i have ever used. irons all their that $95 $100 and up. are looking right now delonghi turbo steam iron will save you half off $100 everywhere else. >>guest: around here in that i wanted sure you will skirt in getting ready for work. sometimes things the clause
1:32 am
of fall down and get a little bit wrinkle. it is not only great steamer that dribbles there is no strength to it and you can never get a crease.this is like to products in one.w the wrinkles just fell out of that when the clears you can see the before and after. allow >>host: the savoir faire is obviously and does not last a very long. this in jack's the steam and permeates through the fabrics. injectsnames in the world at half off.1100 spoken and
1:33 am
hundreds in the ordering process. let us3 denim. >>guest: will tell you really makes an impression. if you aired jeans to the workplace is important that you are able to get both leaders at once. say this vertical horizontal continual? it is >>host: like a dragon. >>guest: >>caller: is out economical process is regular tap3 water and that it has a precision self cleaning mechanism that will salt and mineral frogbuildup and ajax it. >>host: dual salts late which is why is called the gem and i.
1:34 am
distribution of c- and altogether. de'longhi patented something that has simply never been done before. easier and simpler, i am in. >>guest: what you to know it is reliable. that extra hard stainless steel sold slate resist scratching. -so-sole plate. >>host: was built on flex pay do not forget. if you wanted to add flex pay, take the challenge, especially right now until the end january if it is not right for you and you have had your iron for a while today is the date.
1:35 am
>>guest: what studs herbal burst of steam power through cable knit sweater.6 c13 unbelievable. you are removing orders and wrinkles all with the power of steam. you do not have to worry about spitting and spurting. and no drabble's. >>host: is sleeve go to ireland and the water boils out. the system that c13 eye and issing the technology is not like delonghi has done. it is an italian made manufacturer and this is an introductory offer so they gave us this value that is half off compared to the rest of the world. if you ordered today you can secure it.
1:36 am
>>guest: iron is for people who deavemandthe best. optimal movement you are not tethered to the you can give it a little spritz, a little steam watch the wrinkles fall way. you do not have to constantly be sending things to the dry just check things out for yourself. where are the drips and the drops and the sprays? a brand- new sold slate has perfected it. i am so excited that this is selling so well. delonghi and also see in the nfl and the team at hsn we
1:37 am
do not often have irons at hsn. 30 >>guest: c13 it ikat pulls it on to the floor or 30 seconds if i leave it like that it will shut off its self and eight minutes if you have it standing upright. you can save on your electric bill with the autoship wusthof. even with the sequins and a poly cotton blend you can get wrinkles to fall away and it looks as if it just came off the rack of a department store. 6 c13 is revitalizing. >>host: you ordered this tonight before you go to6 c13 ups man will deliver it in just a couple of days and you will be excited like i was. when i got mine to try it better be a big deal and you
1:38 am
could see live on tv all of these demonstrations.the power is unparalleled. is here it is unmatched in its class. i am darlene cahill and i approve this.there you see khakis one of the most difficult things to blow iron because they are 100% cotton. >>host:you can >>guest: i did that with the steamer is not possible so to get the knife edge greases and if you have to iron uniforms not to mention adding start your sizing, and for all those people that had uniforms to care for (...) let me i am in the back of
1:39 am
man's shirt and show you how easy it is right over the tip of the iron in gored. >>host: we use an iron every single week. because of budget we normally spend $39.40 $9 or $59 we do not touch the $100 range because it is too much.we are offering a $100 iron right now for half price. with all the different products they have vertical and horizontal, not only 1800 watts, but you have 500 degrees on this ceramic framed. you morrison and serious c in the infrared picture, 350 degrees rate in the center where the green is.
1:40 am
superheated titanium soleplate, and then you have the ceramic frame pressing them into submission. this on a parallel in the world of by year's end the price is spent triple digits on and iand an iron it did not have these features. soap >>host: lightweight considering quality, considered the design. see how you have a rubberized grip that means you do not lose control. ergonomic ly designed, easy and simple, absolutely the best in the business. ceramic and titanium sold slate. leplate.
1:41 am
>>guest:will press the power pass through all of the wardrobe seasons of your life. eight and a half foot court, but most importantly it has that gorgeous sliding sold slate that cleans up really fast (...) get 1 now and give it a test drive. >>host: about the jewelry armoire that is loaded with possibilities and opportunities.over 200 pieces of jewelry, from tiny necklaces to bake polti cough bracelets--piggott ball keep cough bracelets--big bulky cuff bracelets.
1:42 am
[music] >>host: [reading] >>host: we have absolute guess for under $50 and let me show you some of the goodies that we have. howl about the
1:43 am
absolutely beautiful emerald split band design is a classic design. sterling silver or gold formay vermeil.sure to be a classic and a staple in everybody's jewelry wardrobe here are your options can choose one ct, to ct or 3 ct in either the roundc13 princess cut in sterling silver or gold care it is $14.95, to care it is $19.95 3 ct $24.95. stay with us that is coming up at the top of 2:00 a.m. hour terry smith and i will be joining you. >>host: ou
1:44 am
so much lesley ann machado. --carrie smith. the way you can feel better when you go to sleep in a couple of days, this is the hunter permits 5 stage uvc an absolutely magical figure called the perma filter. it will help get rid of the odors, mold spores and all the things you do not want to breathe in.all the stuff that typically un dyed dewberry the end. this will help eliminate it. we have the u.s. launch of this back in april. it was a big day. today we brought back our quantity for the rest of the year.c13 did a preview show last night and 11:00 p.m. and we sold
1:45 am
three times as many as we expected so we are down toc13 final quantity 2012. of white or black and you get two of them for $159.95. my home it made such an important difference. icon. art massey is here to round us so. faisal >>guest: stage filtration and this is the only unit that we have that offers that. -- stage5 stage catches the pet hair and dander. the second filter casted is the allergens and
1:46 am
then we have you violight that helps to kill and bacteriac13 have followed a catalytic oxidation and that it's the chemicals of the air that affects odors. then wes the doggie odors and such. the front and the lower front corner that you cannot see right now there is a member aigner that turns ozone into know where that is perfect? the workplace tons and tons of ozone in it because of photocopiers computers and electric lights. if you have an allergy you do not want to be breathing the stuff because it is not good for you.
1:47 am
this air purifier will get that out of the air. you save the life on the ball 3 speed control and here is something i want to do right out front. i am going to turn all four of working units on high speed.m is standing over to and i am standing over to and listen. not only is 5 stage filtration is also one of the quietest systems out there.6 c13 if you suffer from asthma,3 buffet if you have pat @ tears come if you have serious i cannot hear them but i can get the stuff out of the air that triggers your allergy symptoms, the environmental protection agency says closure windows get rid of carpet since stuff and get
1:48 am
up at air cleaners. these are hot air cleaners but so much much more.competitive air cleaners and one side of our box over here. if you have been to the big store you have seen these guys their $300 apiece. either 3 watch 2 against all- in-one hunter in the small chamber. we is small because the the smallest and most difficult particle to remove from the air.these guys have had a head start because they are already running but look at the hunter. look at the light in here that is the uv protection. not only are we the allegations out of the year but these guys over here received they are just barely starting to get the clean and the hunter
1:49 am
unit is finished.13 you say okay, that looks great but that is smoke i can see that these particles you are talking about are micron size if your human hair is this big around we're talking particles the size of the head of a pen. we took a unit and plug it in a room and used the same type of a meter that uses show half of performance. if you look right here the 0.3 microns size you will see we turn the unit on for one hour and now look at the particle count.9. it removed all of those particles leave that up one second. 11,000 plus all of6 c13 particles. we got them all with this air cleaner. that is real time to live stuff. maybe
1:50 am
somebody is sick with a cold and flu or of what you see on the right hand size is a sneeze. sneak goes into the front of the air cleaner and right out the top. if i send the name of a competitor product you would know it instantly. sneeze, everything goes in and nothing comes out. this is >>host: the best that we offer. not three or four but five stages of filtration. you do not have replace this filter every 6 months or every year when you buy this tonight you are done andwe have a full selection of hunter products that hsn carry it is a huge success $219 retail
1:51 am
value. if you order right now we are going to free shipping and handling and we have the flex pay. one of the things we're most customers who buy air purifiers is that basically they feel better just fresher when they wake up in the morning. you are >>guest: and allergy sufferer you know that they work. think about this just for a second first of all no risk. you have an extended warranty, hunter warrants this product for a full five years. if anything goes wrong we will repair it or replace it for nothing. get home, " one in your bedroom " one in your living room or wherever you spend most time and letter run for a couple of days, is the ear here house does not smell better, if it does not feel
1:52 am
crisperou do not see a reduction in pet hair and household dust, send them back.i can guarantee you that you will see these differences. if you suffer from allergies or asthma, we're going to this stuff out of the year. plus if you have3 verseo pb do you want to catch a cold?--asthma cop/. micron filter catches everything out a pollen, mold spores dust mite species come up pet dander, household dust and smoke. behind that filter is a eudialyte so that anything that goes through that filter is treated by the violight. germs
1:53 am
cooking odors and bacteria, then have your floral catalytic oxidizers that gets all of the cleaning chemicals out of the year and all that. if youhe stuff that smells like use blue stuff to wash the windows or hair spray or oven cleaner, that is not good for the respiratory why now i get it to be aired. neighbors to come over in3 afternoonad sausage and eggs for breakfast. look right here these filters for a second. first of all i brought this filter from my house after just 30 days.this is large particles of dust and i have five cats at my house. room and i am
1:54 am
trapped in that stuff but that is not really the scary stuff, this is. visit our filters that we ran in the lab for one week. billions of particles a pollen that are so small it is turned this filter green. same thing with secondhand smoke,3 household and pet dander. look at the new one to clean the so all you have to do is take your vacuum cleaner with the brush of that this thing out real good. it will not come back to shiny white again but will come back to a great color. when he >>host: uffle you are getting both as well. if you love to
1:55 am
cook or you have cats and dogs when you smell it you will not smile instantly. if you can help in any way shape or form, the last thing you do tonight before you go to bed should be to order this. if you've never had an air purifier it is very hard to sell you audit. you feel fresher, better all around. please get an air purifier. >>guest: air cleaners are not the most glamorous gift and maybe your grandson granddaughter is going to say all you got me a pair of air
1:56 am
cleaners but two days after christmas they will be calling you back and saying they 2 crema you will not believe the difference this is made in my home. -- thank you grandma. it will clean a room five times in an hour.if you have a 20 x 20 ft. room in your house call 11 corner and one in the opposite. to buy a replacement filter.if you are looking for germicide of protection that light will eventually we can you can buy two of them today at hsn for $ i
1:57 am
>>host: art is telling with the uvc technology (...) we had >>guest: our last ts for the year.if you are thinking well i will wait and see comes up? do not wait. get this for you now. algae season is coming. i want you to look at this map. seta red and yellow areas that is where the pollen count is high. the green areas are the places in the country that the pollen counts are low. a lot to show you exactly and why you to watch the hunter air cleaner.i wanted to watch
1:58 am
the hunter unit go to can see the smoke being pulled in the front of this6 c13 removes all of the particles from the air. it gets rid of the odors and everything. now compared to the other guys watch this. and going to put smoking in there now i am going to turn thesecleaning performance. wes certify. this is still against one
1:59 am
$300 with half that further proves that we took an air cleaner and clean the room. this is one of the most effective test that i have ever seen.we measured the particles in a room and we had 12,000 articles in this room. after the filter ran for one hour we were down to less than tea >>host: we are down to final quantities, black or white, is the best, the highest level of filtration that hunter offers. really for those you will feel you must try it out. >>guest: qusome much. thank >>host: you for all of your calls.-- thank you so much
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